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Overcoming Adversity at the Big O

Posted by blake on February 10, 2016

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Day one of the first FLW Tour event and they call out for boat ninety eight.  I’m in a brand new Ranger looking to head out on Okeechobee when my motor locks up right after being called.  My motor blew before I could even make one cast.  In the past, I would have freaked out and it wouldn’t have ended well, but I stayed calm.  Instead of freaking out, I started doing tackle while I was waiting for it to be fixed.  It took awhile, but the Mercury mechanic got me back out on the water.  I start idling out and faced my next problem; the lock was closed.  I had to call get permission for them to let me through which took another thirty minutes.  I made it out to meet the nasty side of the Big O.  It was blowing hard and the lake was pretty darn rough, but I had to go out there and fish even though I hardly had any time.


Holidays in Opryland

Posted by blake on January 9, 2016

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We had a great Christmas with the family this year.  One of the gifts to the kids was to take them to Opryland and Nashville.  We stayed at the Opryland Hotel which was an awesome place.  The only thing I would recommend would be to bring your own water and snacks because a water costs about $25 there!  We took the kids to see The Grinch which the wife and I actually enjoyed too.  All in all it was a great holiday with the family.  Mixed in a little bit of fishing in December and that topped it off.

Big Bucks and Boat Flipping Four Pounders

Posted by blake on December 3, 2015

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When is it worth driving twenty six hours straight?  The answer is, if you have the chance to get a buck that scores in the 150-160 range.  My family has some land out in Montana and both me and my brother drew tags this year.  My brother isn’t able to get out that much so despite the long drive we couldn’t pass it up.


Seminole Recap and Emceeing

Posted by blake on November 2, 2015


Just as advertised, the final Bassmaster Southern Open at Seminole was tough.  The good thing was, I knew what to expect and wasn’t tripped out by it.  With a couple good finishes at Toho and the Alabama River, there was a lot riding on this event and I put in some extra practice for this one.

Seminole and Spotted Bass

Posted by blake on October 6, 2015

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With the Elite Series within grasp, I’m putting in a lot of work for the final Bassmaster Southern Open at Lake Seminole.  I went a couple weeks ago to do some scouting and liked what I saw.  I have never seen so much grass in my life.  It makes sense why there are giants living there and I got to catch a couple.  I caught a seven and an eight pounder from the same place which was definitely encouraging.  

Small Lake Smackdown

Posted by blake on September 3, 2015

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My family and I are moved into our new place in Birmingham after living on the Warrior River for the past year.  Although that’s my favorite place to fish in the world, I’m glad to be back around the action.  Plus, I found a lake that is now my new favorite.  It’s called Highland Lake and it’s only about thirty minutes from the house.  After talking to the plumber and everyone else at the house, that’s the place they said to go to catch big ones.  That’s all it took and I was there.

Great Opportunities on the Horizon

Posted by blake on August 21, 2015


Great things have been happening lately, both personally and professionally.  I am able to move my family from Holt Lake into a new home in Birmingham.   We have been working on renovations for a while now, and they are finishing up and it’s time to start a new chapter.

Once we get settled in, I will get back to my boat, the water and fishing.  It cannot come soon enough.   I am determined to finish well this October at the final BASS Southern Open at Seminole which could help me secure a spot in the Elites next year.  I love to river fish, especially in the fall.  It’s almost always tough conditions and I like a challenge.  I think finding a deep spot filled with big girls will be the key.  Last year launching into the last Central Open, I was sixth in the points.  So close.  I want to conquer the Southern Opens this year and get that invite.

It's been busy around here; I just got back from filming a couple of shows in Mexico.  I will also be working on filming a few things in Alabama and sending it back to them this fall.  It's an awesome concept.   One of the best things about filming shows is sharing your passion with others; this one is especially exciting because it will air on National Mexican TV.  One thing I didn't expect was the passion and enthusiasm they already have for the sport.  The guys down there get jacked about fishing, it is contagious. 

Of course, as with most anglers, our minds are always on the next year.  After the last FLW event at the Potomac, I am hoping to concentrate on landing a deal and getting things sured up for the upcoming season.  This show is going to be a huge player in that.  For now I’ve got to spend the time and energy figuring out how to catch them at Lake Seminole in October and then find a way to make the Elite Series happen.

Pulling through at the Potomac

Posted by blake on July 4, 2015


(Photo: FLW LLC)

I think I need to keep fishing every tournament like it’s my last.  After a rough event at Chickamauga, I went in knowing the Potomac River could be my last as an FLW Pro.  After two tough seasons on Tour, I had some serious thinking to do about whether it is in the best interest of my family and me to keep on doing it.  With that in the back of my mind it’s crazy, but I felt better and more focused going into the last event of the season.

Sick as a Dog at Eufaula

Posted by blake on May 30, 2015

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(Photo: FLW LLC)

The FLW Tour event on Lake Eufaula is officially a wrap.  Like most of the season has gone to this point, this event was another rough one for me.  Up until this point, it had just been a mental thing, but at Eufaula it was a two headed monster of mental and physical adversity.  During practice for the event I felt awful.  The first day I had to leave the water and really didn’t think I would make it back to the house.  By the time I got there I passed out with my clothes on exhausted and sick.  Although I was battling through some kind of illness I can’t really blame my mediocre event on that solely.  I’m sure it played a part, but overall I just never felt like I got on anything and it showed by the end of day two.

Blake Sight Fishing Beaver Lake.jpg

(Photo: FLW)

It wasn’t pretty, but I managed to hang on to a check in both the Bassmaster Southern Open and the FLW Tour event the past couple weeks.  The Alabama River was one I was really hoping to do a little bit better, but hung on to a 37th place finish and at Beaver Lake I tied with a handful of guys and ended up getting the absolute last check in 64th place.  Regardless of the opportunities I had to do better, I’m definitely happy to make a little bit of money and stay alive in the points for the Bassmaster Southern Opens.