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Starting Off the FLW Tour Season at Lake Toho

Posted by blake on March 16, 2015


After a solid finish at the first Bassmaster Southern Open at Toho I was pretty jacked to get another crack at it to start the FLW Tour season.  I felt good about my chances and after getting some good experience on the chain of lakes in January.  I definitely had the bites to at least make a check in the event, but losing a couple good ones was the difference.

Not a Bad Way to Kick Off the Season

Posted by blake on January 23, 2015

Blake Toho Biggin Photo Shaye Baker.JPG

(Photo: Shaye Baker)

When Florida comes to mind, things like cold, wet, and miserable aren’t usually what you think about.  In this case, at the kickoff tournament of the 2015 Bassmaster Southern Opens, that would sum up our weather for the week.  Cold fronts in Florida usually spell tough fishing so even in practice I knew just getting a few bites in an area would be the deal.  I really didn’t catch too much in practice, but I felt good about my chances.  I found some deeper fish and with the rain and cold, I figured the spawning cycle would be held back some so there were probably a lot of bigger fish still deep.  I really had two areas from practice that I felt would play in the tournament.  The best spot I pulled up to in practice and got a few bites in a row and left.  Sometimes you get a feeling where you need to be at a certain area in the tournament despite not catching anything of size in practice.  That’s the feeling I had about that spot.

Sweet Home Alabama

Posted by blake on December 27, 2014


The fishing around home has been nothing short of phenomenal lately.  I’ve been fishing some tournaments in the last month and of the last three, I’ve won two and finished second in the other.  After having a couple tough seasons on Tour, I feel the best I have about fishing in as long as I can remember.

Tough Decisions and Great Fishing

Posted by blake on November 25, 2014

Blake Winter Spot with Jig.jpg

In the time since my last blog a lot has been happening.  Some of what’s been going on has been great and other things not so much.  The fishing has been great as of late and I’m feeling as good as I can ever remember about fishing in general and what next season will hold.  I’ve had a great opportunity with Boxer Custom Baits to design and release my signature series of football jigs and I’ve got to spend some time with my family at the beach.  I guess the only thing that I wouldn’t consider to be good would be regarding our Foster care which we talked about last time.


Foster Parenting and Lake St. Clair

Posted by blake on September 24, 2014

Sophia Blake Nick.jpg

It’s been a busy time around the Nick household since the final Bassmaster Northern Open at Lake St. Clair.  We’ve taken in a new foster child, Sophia, and it’s been a whirlwind.  Sophia is only about 15 months old and it’s definitely demanding with such a young child, but also very rewarding.  We’ve been helping out when they need us to, but she will be our first long term placement.  I have to say it’s definitely going to be hard to say good bye when that day comes because we’ve already fell in love with her.


Moving Past the 2014 FLW Tour Season

Posted by blake on August 5, 2014


Now is as good of time as any to recap my 2014 FLW Tour season.  Man is this tough to do, because all I really want to do is put this season behind me and move forward.

The best way I could describe this season would be terrible.  It has definitely made me think and question a lot of things.  Honestly, the sooner I forget, the better off I will be.  There is some positive to take out of the whole situation however.  I feel like I’ve learned more in this past year and a half fishing than I did in my first year and half on tour.  Sometimes you have to fail in order to identify your problems and fix them.


The FLW Tour Season Finale at Kentucky Lake

Posted by blake on July 3, 2014


In any slugfest like Kentucky Lake, the difference comes down to one or two bites a lot of the time.  For me this past week at Kentucky Lake fell into that category.  Catching fish was not a problem and rarely is on Kentucky Lake, but generating those 4 lb plus bites is always the key.  I ended up finishing only 2 ounces out of a check and little over a pound out of a $10,000 one.  My FLW Tour season was a rollercoaster ride and one I definitely want to improve on.  Looking back a couple years to when I made the Cup, I’m really trying to identify the things that contributed to that great season and am working on putting a lot more energy into recreating that for the rest of the year and into next season.


Tennessee River Blues

Posted by blake on June 10, 2014


I wish I had some better news to give ya’ll, but unfortunately Pickwick didn’t go exactly as planned.  I love the Tennessee River and usually do well fishing it, but Pickwick has been the one lake from the Tennessee River that I don’t think I’ve made a cut at.  Going into it, I didn’t feel like I was on the fish that I could catch 25 lbs a day like it took to win, but I did feel like I was around the kind of fish that I could catch 18-20 lbs.  There seemed to be a lot of fish in that 3-4 lb range in the area I was fishing with a few 5+ lbers mixed in.

Back on track at Beaver

Posted by blake on April 13, 2014


(Photo: Colin Moore)

Wow, does it feel good to get that monkey off my back!  It wasn’t a great tournament, but I feel like I’m back on track nonetheless.  In fishing, like many other sports, confidence is key and this tournament at Beaver Lake has definitely helped get mine back.  Beaver is usually a tough fishery and it was the case this week.  I was lucky enough to get some quality fish day one that helped keep me in the mix to make the cut.

The first morning started out awesome, catching a 3 lb spot and 3 lb largemouth in the first thirty minutes.  The morning bite was important which is usually the case when I come to Beaver.  The day went great, but I just couldn’t get a kicker bite and ended up weighing in a 12 incher.  Day one ended with a solid start of 11-12 which kept me in it.

Getting My Confidence Back

Posted by blake on March 30, 2014


(Photo: Colin Moore)

I can’t say that I’m happy with what went down on Sam Rayburn, but I can definitely take some positive out of it.  My practice went well.  I caught some quality fish including a 9 lb stud.  I felt confident that I was in the right areas and doing the right things to have a good finish.  I was correct about that, I had some quality bites during the tournament but wasn’t able to get them in the boat.  Unlike the past two events, I felt like my decision making was right on par.

Day one of the tournament I made a long run way up toward the dam.  It was rough and around noon I started to think it was going to be tough getting back, so I left with no fish in the well.  When I made it back down near the ramp I stopped a couple times and was able to boat four keepers, but lost two quality fish in the 4 lb class.  I ended up with four fish that went 8-03.  I was around the right quality fish to make up some ground.