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Gotta Keep Swinging to Get Out of a Slump

Posted by blake on March 10, 2014


(Photo: Brett Carlson)

Just like in my baseball playing days, I’m in a slump.  I had high hopes for Hartwell, but unfortunately wasn’t able to achieve them.  This is such a mental game and I’m not on mine right now.  Thinking along the same lines as baseball, all it took for me to break out was a “lucky” swing: a bloop single, a ground ball that just missed an infielder’s glove.  I think it’s going to be a lot similar in fishing.  I just need that lucky bite, that game changing decision that will pick my confidence back up and get me back to playing at the highest level I can.


For being such a large lake, Okeechobee usually fishes small.  This was definitely the case for the 2014 FLW Tour Opener last week.  I struggled in the tournament, but was in the right area. Many of the top 20 finishers were fishing within eyesight of me; unfortunately, I just wasn't on the right specific spot to catch a quality bag of fish.

Catching bass and cashing checks.

Posted by admin on July 1, 2013


With twin 15+ bags over two days, I brought 31 lbs. to the stage for a 34th place finish at the FLW Tour Season Finale on Lake Chickamauga. That put me in the money but not in the weekend's event. Looking back, I wouldn't have changed much. But I will admit, after my first day co-angler had 16 pounds before I even boated one, I figured I better get on the stick. And that meant adding a few more baits to my offering. The a-rig put them in the boat.  With a dozen or so flashers and a few hooks tied on most rods, the a-rig was tough to beat. I'm not going to lie, it's not exactly my preferred method of fishing, but when in Rome… so I put the a-rig to work and filled a respectable limit that was rounded out with some decent kickers to give me 34th.

So I cash a check and move on to the next event. We've got Oneida coming up in August and I'm looking forward to getting in on the northern action. We still have a few Northern and Central Bassmaster opens as well. So even though the FLW Season may be in the rear view mirror, we still have a lot of fishing left. So stay tuned for more. - BN

It's Go Time on the Tennessee River

Posted by admin on June 27, 2013


We're at the sixth and final qualifier of the 2013 Walmart FLW Tour and getting ready to do battle on Lake Chickamauga along the Tennessee River. I'm looking forward to getting out there because I like this river system and have had good success along it.

PAA Event on Douglass - Happy EASTER!

Posted by admin on April 1, 2013


With 22 pounds putting me 9th place, it certainly was a Good Friday. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice!!! I have to also say thank you to Dave Lefebre for telling me that I was stupid for not throwing the yellow hammer rig Day One and he was right!!!!! I brought in almost 20 pounds on the last day and was sitting in 1st place... but I didn't have the hot seat for long. Maybe next time — but for now 6th place will have to do. [ Douglass Event - Results ]

And a special thanks to my beautiful wife for driving 6 hours to watch me weigh in - [pic]

Day 3 notes from the PAA Event on Douglass

Posted by admin on March 31, 2013

paa_douglas_wi2_0400.jpg9th, Blake Nick, Adger, AL – Nick made the mistake of many anglers who didn't pick up the umbrella rig on Day 1 – and it cost him. He had them dialed on a little cranking deal. He feels, "I caught about as much as I could cranking Day 1 – about 14.84 lbs – but that's not going to compete here." He was around the bass but didn't pick up the rig until Day 2 when he popped 22.32 lbs out of the same location.

>>> read more

Tale of Two Blakes

Posted by admin on March 14, 2013


By Austin Phillips Photo By Christopher Jones
Blake Champion and Blake Nick grew up a decade apart in the neighboring communities of Hueytown and Pleasant Grove, respectively, but on weekends from March to October the two call another place home: the water.
Champion and Nick have each embarked on their dream of fishing on a professional level. Champion has found his niche on the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico chasing redfish, while Nick has stuck to lakes and rivers in search of the biggest largemouth bass in the Southeast. >>> read more

Birmingham Boat Show - Jan 24 - 27

Posted by admin on January 25, 2013


Come out and join me at the Birmingham Boat Show, January 24th - 27th at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center. I'll be at the Simmon's Booth and Yellow Hammer Booth.

Blake NIck's Alabama Secret

Posted by admin on December 2, 2012

blakeNick200.jpg29.Nov.2012 by Shaye Baker
With all the facets of media these days, we are constantly blasted with sales pitches for one "top-notch fishery." Others claim, "You can catch a hundred fish a day here." Or, "Trophy smallmouths roam these waters." And my personal favorite is, "If you want to catch the fish of a lifetime, this is your place." Unfortunately, few fisheries live up to the hype. It's fair to say that with the exception of a few, typically all the hoopla turns out to be false advertising.

Reason being, the true lunker lakes, the hidden gems, the fisheries that do hold fish of a lifetime, are by and large well-kept secrets. Anglers don the persona of pirates when it comes to these fisheries. They smirk at others who are ignorant to what lies just down the road as they hoard all the treasure for themselves. This level of secrecy makes it almost taboo for a writer to as much as utter the name of certain lost lakes. >>> read more

Make a difference for 147 Million Orphans

Posted by admin on November 6, 2012

147_200.jpgThe 147 Million Orphans Foundation was created to impact the lives of children through the provision of food, water, and medicine. We invest directly in projects that help provide these basic needs to those who desperately need it, and most of our projects occur in Haiti, Honduras, and Uganda.

As with any good FOUNDATION you must lay one brick at a time. The 147 Million Orphans Foundation was created to LOVE+ 1 and we are doing that by helping others to create a strong foundation. Whether that is a medical clinic in Haiti, homes in Honduras, Water Wells in Ethiopia, or a store house full of food for Uganda, we want to show the love of Christ. The rebuilding of the wall in Nehemiah was accomplished by people just doing their part and helping others to do theirs. The LOVE+ 1 PROJECTS are steps in rebuilding, and we would love for you to be a part of the REBUILDING! Visit 147 Million Orphans