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Big Bucks and Boat Flipping Four Pounders

Posted by blake on December 3, 2015

Blake's Brother's Deer.jpg

When is it worth driving twenty six hours straight?  The answer is, if you have the chance to get a buck that scores in the 150-160 range.  My family has some land out in Montana and both me and my brother drew tags this year.  My brother isn’t able to get out that much so despite the long drive we couldn’t pass it up.


We left Alabama and decided to drive the twenty six hours straight through to avoid the weather coming in.  After rolling into Montana we were like zombies that afternoon.  Even though we were beat from the drive we went hunting without sleeping.  We quickly saw a massive buck that I let my brother take.  I had to settle him down even before he made the shot he was so jacked.  It was the biggest buck he’d ever shot.  It scored 163 with a 22” inside spread; a freaking beast.  I got my chance on the second day.  We had some crazy wind, but I filled my tag with a nice buck that scored somewhere in the 150’s.

We decided to pack up and drive to Fargo, South Dakota to sleep for a few hours on way back.  We rolled in at 2am and headed out a 6am.  Unlike our first trip, we didn’t check the weather before leaving...that was a mistake.  Within thirty minutes we noticed a little flurry.  Within an hour there was twelve inches of snow; it was a white out.  It really tripped me out.  I had never experienced that much snow or had to drive in anything like it.  Every car that passed me ended up in a ditch.

After getting home, I went to pick up my new Ranger 519 for the 2016 FLW Tour season.  I also went to break it in that Saturday at a team tournament on Lake Mitchell.  Fishing with Kyle Mabrey we targeted an area below the dam and caught enough for a 2nd place finish and big fish.  We were boat flipping four pounders, but came just short of the win.  We caught our fish using an A-Rig, swimbait, and jig.  I lost a five pounder, broke another fish off and Kyle broke of few off too.  We were fishing around a lot of rocks and that’s the risk you take when doing so.  It was a fun tournament, but I really wanted to the boat’s first trip out to be a win.  I’m hoping the boat’s first FLW Tour event makes up for it.