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Catching bass and cashing checks.

Posted by admin on July 1, 2013


With twin 15+ bags over two days, I brought 31 lbs. to the stage for a 34th place finish at the FLW Tour Season Finale on Lake Chickamauga. That put me in the money but not in the weekend's event. Looking back, I wouldn't have changed much. But I will admit, after my first day co-angler had 16 pounds before I even boated one, I figured I better get on the stick. And that meant adding a few more baits to my offering. The a-rig put them in the boat.  With a dozen or so flashers and a few hooks tied on most rods, the a-rig was tough to beat. I'm not going to lie, it's not exactly my preferred method of fishing, but when in Rome… so I put the a-rig to work and filled a respectable limit that was rounded out with some decent kickers to give me 34th.

So I cash a check and move on to the next event. We've got Oneida coming up in August and I'm looking forward to getting in on the northern action. We still have a few Northern and Central Bassmaster opens as well. So even though the FLW Season may be in the rear view mirror, we still have a lot of fishing left. So stay tuned for more. - BN