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Cashing a Couple Checks at the Alabama River and Beaver Lake

Posted by blake on April 27, 2015

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(Photo: FLW)

It wasn’t pretty, but I managed to hang on to a check in both the Bassmaster Southern Open and the FLW Tour event the past couple weeks.  The Alabama River was one I was really hoping to do a little bit better, but hung on to a 37th place finish and at Beaver Lake I tied with a handful of guys and ended up getting the absolute last check in 64th place.  Regardless of the opportunities I had to do better, I’m definitely happy to make a little bit of money and stay alive in the points for the Bassmaster Southern Opens.


During the event at the Alabama River conditions changed drastically.  I swear they raised and lowered the water about two feet each day, which kept you on your toes.  In practice, I caught onto a good early morning shad spawn bite back in a creek off the main river though. 

On the first day of the tournament, I pulled in there and caught a three and a half pounder right off the bat.  Then my co-angler caught one around five.  Then I lost one around five and hooked up with one that was the biggest one I’d seen the whole time I was there.  I would be lying if I said it was less than six pounds.  As I was bringing it to the net I heard a sound like my line breaking, but after looking closely, I noticed that my spinnerbait had broken right at the line tie.  I felt sick about it.  I have lost a lot of fish in my life, but never had a bait malfunction like that, especially when it was brand new and had only caught one fish before that.

Once the shad spawn was over in the morning the fishing got tough.  On day two the fish weren’t where I had caught them the day before, but I noticed all the birds were across the creek, so I went over there and we started to catch them.  It was a struggle to constantly keep up with the fish with the changing conditions, but I was happy to get out with a check and stay in the hunt to make the Elites with only Seminole remaining on the schedule.

The Tour event went much the same as the Alabama River with the changing conditions.  Leading up to the event I knew it would be tough to put a good limit together on Beaver Lake and with a cold front blowing through on our off day, which just added to it.  I did a little bit of everything in the event.  I did some sight fishing with a baby brush hog and also threw a jerkbait up the river after my co-angler put a hurting on them from the back.  It was tough to just go fishing and put together a limit as it was that funky tail end of the spawn.  On the first day I weighed in four, but made the last minute decision to throwback a largemouth that barely touched fifteen inches.  It was a tough decision that ended up costing me a $10k check, but it could’ve went either way.

It’s always good to cash a couple checks back to back.  I would’ve loved to have done better, but in fishing it’s very hard to control all the variables.  Nevertheless, it’s put me in a good position heading into the next part of the season and once the Tour season is over, I will be spending a lot of time over at Seminole, doing everything I can to make a move into the top five for the points in the Southern Opens.