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Faith and Fishing

Posted by blake on April 27, 2016


We’re halfway through the FLW Tour season and it’s been a rocky start so far.  There have been some good things to build on, but I know the main thing that needs corrected if I’m going to get back on track.  Really, I don’t think the issue has as much to do with fishing right now.  I’ve never been good being in the middle on anything especially when it comes to faith.  Being a Christian it’s got to be all or nothing for me and I’ve been spiritually empty.  It’s something I’m really searching for and will continue to get back on track.

The first day of Beaver I felt like I had a chance to do really well. I got on a little stretch and had two game changer type bites in the four pound class on a chatterbait, but couldn’t put them in the boat.  I couldn’t believe it as I watched them inhale the bait, but could not get a good hook into them.  I called Ehler (Brent) after the event and talked some about it.  He told me I was using a rod that was too heavy and should be using a glass rod to help absorb the shock and let them eat it better.  I was fishing around a lot of flooded buck brush and was thinking I needed to go heavier, but that advice will definitely help in the future.

It was a tough event.  I stayed afterwards to take a kid fishing for Jack Links which definitely helped me deal with the tournament and the spiritual part.  He was only about five or six, but he caught them like a pro.  We had a great day and put together a nice little bag.  It was his first time fishing which always is a great experience, sharing something I love.

With three events left and Pickwick up next, I’ve got to take advantage of all of my opportunities.  I’ve made the cut on every TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) Lakes with the exception of Pickwick.  It usually fishes pretty small, but the being at this time of year it might spread out a bit more.  I spent a lot of time there within the last couple years before the off limits for a June tournament so I have a lot to go off of.  I’m definitely due for a good tournament there and will be getting everything else in line to make sure I’m coming at this one from the right mind.