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Family and Fishing

Posted by blake on July 26, 2016



A lot has been going on in the last couple months outside of fishing.  After the final FLW Tour event at Lake Champlain, we took my wife in to have surgery.  What was supposed to be about a three day hospital stay turned into about eight days after having some complications.  Her body had some trouble recovering afterwards and some of the additional medications also made her sicker.  She wasn’t able to lift her arms for about a week, so I needed to help her with her daily functions.  I ended up staying there with her while our kids were with their grandparents.  One of the positives out of the whole thing was that the hospital food really wasn’t as bad as people say.  In all reality, it’s been a long couple months, but Jennifer is improving a lot.  We had to go back to the hospital for a few more treatments afterwards, but those are finished up.  I’m really happy that we’re getting through this and that my wife is a fighter.  Even though I love to fish, family is always number one.

Now let’s rewind to before the Champlain event.  Right before heading to Champlain, our plumber that did all the work on our new house called me asking if I’d fish a team event with him on the Warrior River.  He asked if I thought we’d win and of course I said we had a great chance.  We took off in the morning of the tournament and by 9am already had twenty pounds in the livewell.  By 11:30am we decided to go get something to eat, so we grabbed some cheeseburgers and cooled down some in the shade.

We went back out and proceeded to catch more and more big fish.  We probably caught about four twenty pound bags throughout the course of the day.  Then, right before we headed in, we caught our last fish that was pushing eight pounds.  We ended up winning with a thirty pound bag on one of the best days of fishing we both had ever experienced.  When it’s your time, it’s your time and that was one of those magical days that hardly ever come around.

Following that awesome experience, I made my way up to Lake Champlain for the last stop of the 2016 FLW Tour season.  I usually fish Ticonderoga when we go there and this trip was no different.  Ti was fishing a little tougher than usual in practice, but I had completely committed to it before I even go there so I didn’t get spun out.  I think the fact that a lot of people didn’t go down there ended up being a good thing.

They were absolutely chomping for me the first day of the tournament.  I keyed in on isolated grass in a little bit deeper water with a Boxer Swim Jig and a Swimbait and proceeded to catch lot’s of fish in the three pound and better range.  At the end of the day I got on a little stretch where I caught a four and two four and a quarter pound fish that they got on film.  We left them biting and moved into the top ten on day one with over nineteen pounds.

Day two found us with a completely different wind than we had all week.  It was blowing from the south and it really seemed to change things in the areas I was fishing.  I was fishing south of the fort and although I got plenty of bites of day two, the big ones seemed to have vanished.  I broke one fish off throughout the day, but don’t even know if it would’ve helped or not because I never saw it.  I knew that I only needed one big bite to jump up in the cut, but never got it.  It sure would’ve been a lot nicer ride the seventy miles back to Plattsburgh.

The Tour season is over and although it had a lot of ups and downs, I’m pleased with a lot of the decisions I made throughout the season.  I haven’t really thought too much about next year yet with all that’s been going on at home.  The next couple months I’ll have to do some serious thinking about what all I’m going to fish next season.  For the time being, I’ll be spending time with my family and enjoying the rest of the summer.  I haven’t even thought about fishing too much lately, but I’m sure I’ll be sneaking out sometime soon to hit the water again.