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FLW Tour Invitationals and 2017 Schedule

Posted by blake on August 10, 2016

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I just got to fish a couple days at Lake Norman to prepare for the Invitational coming up.  It’s pretty neat that they are having these two invitationals after the Tour season and the format of not having any co-angler’s makes for a no pressure situation.  It’s not that being a co-angler is a bad thing, it’s just that at the Tour level its additional pressure.  When you have so much on the line, having another person/personality in the boat definitely adds to it.  These events give us two chances at making next year’s Cup and I’m excited for more opportunities to qualify.

We just finished up the Forrest Wood Cup at Wheeler Lake, and as advertised, it was a tough event.  Although I wasn’t fishing it, I did make it up there to hang out.  A huge congrats to John Cox for bringing home the win.  While I was there we also got word that another tournament was added to the 2017 Tour schedule at Lake Guntersville.  We’ll be heading there to kick off the season in February and I can assure you, I will be up there all of the time until then.

All in all, I think this is the greatest schedule I’ve ever seen.  This isn’t specifically about how good the fishing is at the places were going as much as it’s largely new bodies of water.  I don’t know what it is, but I really like going to new places.  A lot of the guys on Tour have fished the same lakes at the same times for years and to me this feels like almost a blank slate for all of us.  I’m really jacked up for 2017.

Until heading off to Charlotte to check out Lake Norman, I’ve been spending a lot of time with the family.  My wife is still healing up from her surgery and is improving every day.  We spent some time at the beach with all the kids a couple weeks ago in Alabama which was a nice get away for all of us. 

As we’ve talked about in prior blogs, we do some foster parenting as well.  On Friday, we welcomed a little eight year old girl into our home.  When she came in, she had a lot of signs of neglect.  It’s sad to see especially considering that she came from another foster home.  She had lice as well as staph infections.  We got her into the doctors and now she is doing a lot better. It’s amazing what a little bit of care can do.  My wife has an incredible sense of service.  Even with what she is dealing with she still wanted to do this.  She is a very strong woman and I’m lucky to have her.