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Foster Parenting and Lake St. Clair

Posted by blake on September 24, 2014

Sophia Blake Nick.jpg

It’s been a busy time around the Nick household since the final Bassmaster Northern Open at Lake St. Clair.  We’ve taken in a new foster child, Sophia, and it’s been a whirlwind.  Sophia is only about 15 months old and it’s definitely demanding with such a young child, but also very rewarding.  We’ve been helping out when they need us to, but she will be our first long term placement.  I have to say it’s definitely going to be hard to say good bye when that day comes because we’ve already fell in love with her.


We’ve been involved with the Foster care system for awhile now.  Like I said before, we generally just have kids for a brief time when they need a place to stay, but with Sophia this is a new undertaking.  When going to the classes and hearing about what some of these kids have been through its pretty eye opening.  A lot of these children have very tough backgrounds with physical and sexual abuse.  It’s really terrible that that kind of stuff happens so often.  Anyways, if you get the chance to help out I really suggest it.  There are a lot of kids out there that could use a good family and a loving home.

Well, let’s get back to fishing.  It’s been awhile since the final Open of the season at Lake St. Clair.  The tournament outcome wasn’t phenomenal by any means, but my practice period was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time!  I focused on the mouth of Lake Huron where the St. Clair River feeds into it.  A number of other boats focused their efforts there as well, but during practice it was lights out.  I talked to a couple other guys there in practice and Troy Morrow said he was catching 23+ lbs a day.  That’s what it was like for me as well.  I would pull up and catch one and there would be four or five the same size chasing it up to the boat.  When you got a bite there too, it was generally a big fish (4-5 lbs).

It was a long run up there, but once you finally made it to the mouth of the river it was a bit calmer.  I settled in day one and caught some good sized fish and lost a few big ones that could’ve helped me push that 20 pound mark.  Day two, things didn’t quite work out as well.  I was only able to manage two fish, but one was a near 6 pounder! 

It was a mediocre finish, but I never felt rushed, never felt pressured, and fished calm which is usually a great combination for success.  After a roller coaster ride of a 2014 season it’s good to feel loose and calm again because that’s how I fished when I did well in the years past. 

I have one more tournament with the PAA at Kentucky Lake coming up here in the beginning of October and am looking forward to that.  There was supposed to be one at Douglas Lake this week, but was cancelled due to the Elite Series tournament running into Monday of this week.  The PAA really puts on some great events that are relaxed and very professional.  Let’s see if we can’t get some momentum going into the 2015 season at Kentucky Lake. -BN