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Getting My Confidence Back

Posted by blake on March 30, 2014


(Photo: Colin Moore)

I can’t say that I’m happy with what went down on Sam Rayburn, but I can definitely take some positive out of it.  My practice went well.  I caught some quality fish including a 9 lb stud.  I felt confident that I was in the right areas and doing the right things to have a good finish.  I was correct about that, I had some quality bites during the tournament but wasn’t able to get them in the boat.  Unlike the past two events, I felt like my decision making was right on par.

Day one of the tournament I made a long run way up toward the dam.  It was rough and around noon I started to think it was going to be tough getting back, so I left with no fish in the well.  When I made it back down near the ramp I stopped a couple times and was able to boat four keepers, but lost two quality fish in the 4 lb class.  I ended up with four fish that went 8-03.  I was around the right quality fish to make up some ground.


Day two of the tournament I put my head down and fished new water.  I was able to manage four keepers once again, but lost my best quality bite.  I ran upriver after plucking those four keepers and saw some awesome looking willow trees, so I stopped to fish.  I knew there had to be a fish there.  After working them over, my co-angler managed to stick a 5 lber on a senko out of the back of the boat.  I wasn’t as disappointed as you would think, but almost reassured that my decisions had led me to the right areas.  The execution was lacking at Sam Rayburn, but the positive note is that I’m not feeling as down as the other two FLW Tour events.

I may consider changing some things in the future as to how I approach each upcoming tournament, but rest assured I’m not defeated by any means.  I’ve just got to keep my faith and survive the tough times because good things can happen at any time.  Next up is Beaver Lake and I’m excited to get back at it! -BN