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Great Opportunities on the Horizon

Posted by blake on August 21, 2015


Great things have been happening lately, both personally and professionally.  I am able to move my family from Holt Lake into a new home in Birmingham.   We have been working on renovations for a while now, and they are finishing up and it’s time to start a new chapter.

Once we get settled in, I will get back to my boat, the water and fishing.  It cannot come soon enough.   I am determined to finish well this October at the final BASS Southern Open at Seminole which could help me secure a spot in the Elites next year.  I love to river fish, especially in the fall.  It’s almost always tough conditions and I like a challenge.  I think finding a deep spot filled with big girls will be the key.  Last year launching into the last Central Open, I was sixth in the points.  So close.  I want to conquer the Southern Opens this year and get that invite.

It's been busy around here; I just got back from filming a couple of shows in Mexico.  I will also be working on filming a few things in Alabama and sending it back to them this fall.  It's an awesome concept.   One of the best things about filming shows is sharing your passion with others; this one is especially exciting because it will air on National Mexican TV.  One thing I didn't expect was the passion and enthusiasm they already have for the sport.  The guys down there get jacked about fishing, it is contagious. 

Of course, as with most anglers, our minds are always on the next year.  After the last FLW event at the Potomac, I am hoping to concentrate on landing a deal and getting things sured up for the upcoming season.  This show is going to be a huge player in that.  For now I’ve got to spend the time and energy figuring out how to catch them at Lake Seminole in October and then find a way to make the Elite Series happen.