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Hanging Out with McConaughey

Posted by admin on September 30, 2016

 Action Shot Lake Norman Invitational.jpg

(Photo: FLW LLC)

I just got home after filming a Lincoln commercial with Matthew McConaughey.  I had you there for a second, but in reality, I was with Matthew McConaughey.  My cousin just got married over in Savannah and they were roommates in college.  My brother and I were ushers and he was also in the wedding party.  Matthew was actually one of his groomsmen.  My cousin is a pretty cool guy so I knew Matthew would be as well.  It was a fun time at the wedding and good to get away for awhile. 

Earlier in the month I was back on the water after some time away.  I fished our first FLW Tour Invitational over on Lake Norman near Charlotte, North Carolina.  I ended up finishing twenty ninth and making a check so it was a good event.  I had a good practice and some great opportunities throughout the event, but fell a bit short of making that third day cut.

Day one I started out at an area that seemed to have some fish, but pulled the plug fairly quickly and headed to the hot water discharge area.  That area was my plan b, but it ended up being a huge player for me and a lot of guys that made the top ten.  I went to catching them soon after making the move, but my lack of preparation for fishing that location hurt me.  With the water temperatures in the 97-98 degree range, fish care was very important.  After bagging a decent limit, I looked in my livewell and already had three dead/dying in the well.  I ran out of there to try and get some fresh, cooler water in the livewells but it didn’t seem to help much.

After an attempted a rescue mission, I went back to fishing.  Soon after, I caught a cull fish off of a dock which culled one of the dead ones.  Even after culling and attempting to revive my fish I ended up losing three or four by the end of the day and weighed 7-15 with the penalties.  In the past, I probably would’ve lost my cool, but all I did was prepare myself better for day two by getting ice and keeping cool water running in the livewells from the beginning of the day.

Day two I went right back to the discharge and went to stroking them.  I must’ve caught about eighty fish on that second day; it was crazy.  Most of the people fishing up there seemed to be waiting on the schoolers to come up, but my program was just fishing current.  After it was all said and done I put up an eleven pound bag and got out of the first invitational with a check.

We’ve got one more event left for the season with the second FLW Tour Invitational at Norris Lake, Tennessee coming up next month.  I absolutely love fall fishing and Norris gives me another chance to qualify for the Forrest Wood Cup.  I’m really jacked up for that one.

Coming back to fishing after having a prolonged time off feels great.  I was really jacked to get back out there and a big reason is because of something new I’m trying.  I started working with a sports psychologist.  I will admit, at first I was a skeptic.  But, after working with him now for awhile, I am a total believer.  I was referred by a friend who knew him through his work helping college golfers, but he also has experience with other professional anglers.  He’s helped past Angler of the Year’s and Classic Champions so he definitely understands fishing as well.  Our first time meeting he joined me on the water while I was practicing on a local lake so he could get a feel for how I fish which I thought was really cool.  We have talked before, during, and after events now and it definitely has made a difference and is something I will continue with.  If you are an angler or any kind of athlete, I would highly recommend trying it out.