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Healthy, Happy and Hungry going into the New Year

Posted by blake on December 19, 2016

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(Photo credit: BASS)

With the FLW Tour season starting at Guntersville this season, I’ve been spending as much time up there as I can.  It had been pretty warm until recently when we finally got our first good blast of cool weather which I’m happy about.  More than likely our event will be very cold and I wanted that water temperature to drop so I’m getting a more accurate take on things now.  I’m focused on not spreading myself out too much in that event.  Guntersville is a pretty big lake and especially when it’s cold you need to slow down and be methodical in a few key areas.

I’m pretty excited for this event because I feel like I’m at my best on the river.  It’s the same kind of fishing I’ve done my whole life.  Although I’ve never got to fish a big event there this early on in the season, I still feel at home.  It’s the kind of place where you can fish nearly the whole day without a bite and then put twenty pounds in the boat in the matter of an hour.  Being patient and sticking to my guns is going to be what it’s all about.

Right now I’m also getting ready to officially kick off the season at the Harris Chain in the first Bassmaster Southern Open.  I took a hiatus from the Southern's last year, but I’m ready to get back after it in 2017.  Florida is usually feast or famine at this time of year as I found out in 2015 at Lake Toho.  The first day I had around twenty pounds and the next only barely squeaked out eight pounds.  It’s all about a big bite there and if you can have a big day it’ll usually carry you to at least making a check.

I’m really getting amped up for the season now.  Everyone is healthy and specifically my wife is back to normal.  She’s getting back on my case about things so I know she’s feeling better again.  We’ve also had a couple more foster kids since our last blog.  It’s always hard seeing them go, but we are grateful to be able to meet and spend time with them.  We always are hopeful that they find a good family and happy when they ultimately do.