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Moving Past the 2014 FLW Tour Season

Posted by blake on August 5, 2014


Now is as good of time as any to recap my 2014 FLW Tour season.  Man is this tough to do, because all I really want to do is put this season behind me and move forward.

The best way I could describe this season would be terrible.  It has definitely made me think and question a lot of things.  Honestly, the sooner I forget, the better off I will be.  There is some positive to take out of the whole situation however.  I feel like I’ve learned more in this past year and a half fishing than I did in my first year and half on tour.  Sometimes you have to fail in order to identify your problems and fix them.


Mentally, I went into the season more worried about screwing up than I was about being successful and when you fish like that, it is always a recipe for disaster.  I’ve always felt and continue to feel like I can fish at this level.  I know that I can.  My biggest problem isn’t the fishing itself, but it’s what’s between my ears.  I’ve definitely been my own worst enemy in 2014 and the results show it.  The thing is I knew I was in the right areas, I just wasn’t doing the right things and it definitely goes back to what I said about worrying about screwing up.

Fishing is a highly mental sport.  Every decision you make or don’t make can make the difference between coming in with 10 or 20 lbs.  There is a lot of things I would change from this season, but now I definitely realize what happened, what I need to do, and I feel like I’m already working towards getting back on the right track.

I just got back from the BASS Northern Open at Lake Champlain in New York and although I didn’t finish well, I trusted my instincts, never fished scared, and fished the way I have confidence in.  It was also a week of learning and struggles as I had a pike cut my finger in practice and didn’t think anything of it, until during the tournament it swelled up like a balloon on the water and the swelling started working its way up my arm.  It actually got to the point where I felt like I was going to vomit, like it was getting into my blood stream.  We made it back to the ramp, but I was definitely not all there. 

IMG956624.jpgI let my co get the fish and somehow there was an extra one in my livewell.  As delirious as I was, I’m pretty sure I never caught one that small, but it’s hard to say.  So, we weighed in and then my co had to put my boat on the trailer because I was feeling that sick.  By the time I made it back to the camped I passed out and when I woke up I called the tournament director and told him about the incidence and was unfortunately disqualified for the day.

Although the tournament didn’t go that well, I still feel my confidence coming back.  We’ve got one last BASS Northern Open left in Detroit so I’m hoping it carries over.  This has been a very difficult season, but I appreciate everyone who has hung in there and stuck with me through the tough times.  I’m down, but I’m definitely not out.  The FLW Tour schedule for 2015 just came out and I really am excited for it.  You never know what another year could do.  It’s fishing and that’s the best part of it.  You are never out of it. -BN