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Norris Lake Recap

Posted by blake on November 1, 2016

Blake Norris Morning.jpg

(Photo: FLW LLC)

The FLW season is officially over for me after the final invitational at Norris Lake, TN.  Norris was an absolute grind as the weights showed.  For me, it wasn’t really from lack of fish caught, but more about what species.  At Norris, for the first time that I can remember in my tournament career, I never caught more fish right under the length to keep.  At Norris, in order to keep a smallmouth, it has to be at least eighteen inches.  The problem for me was getting one to measure after going through tons of seventeen plus inch fish. 

Toward the end of day one I picked up on the spinnerbait bite; I hunkered down on a little forty yard stretch and lost two quality smallmouth on a Yellow Hammer Spinnerbait with a trailer hook in the 2.5-3 lb range.  I ended up only weighing one little spot, but with the weights the way they were, anything could happen on day two.

On day two, they were really biting the spinnerbait for me.  I went back to the stretch where I had lost the two before and proceeded to catch eight smallmouth from 17.5-18” with some of them in the 3 lb range.  Not one of them would measure.  With all the solid fish that I caught, I couldn’t weigh any of them in.  With ten minutes left, I went to a dock in the back of a pocket and cast up and watched one come out and get it.  Once again it was a smallie that would not break that 18” mark.

It was a super tough tournament, it was the best I’d ever done to never weigh a fish though.  I stayed with Jason Lambert who was only three ounces off winning the thing and truly there wasn’t much different that he was doing.  For some reason, almost everywhere I had caught largemouth in practice I would catch 17”+ smallmouth, it was crazy.

Once I got home, we got the call from foster care and took in two baby boys for a weekend while they tried to find them a permanent family.  They were eighteen months when the mom called and said she didn’t want the kids anymore and to come get them.  It’s incredible the things people do.  The thing was the kids were great too.  Unfortunately, the court could not find a home for both of them and had to split them up which was heartbreaking.

On a positive note, I got to teach my nephew how to fish.  I really enjoy taking kids fishing and sharing something that I love so much with them.  The smile on any kids face that I’ve ever taken is priceless.