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Poor Execution at Pickwick

Posted by blake on May 24, 2016


(Photo: FLW LLC)

I just wrapped up the last FLW Tour stop at Pickwick Lake.  I love the Tennessee River, no lie, except I haven’t had the best of luck at Pickwick.  I had all the bites to make a good check again.

I had a pretty cool experience day one at Pickwick, FLW put a GoPro on my boat to try to catch some footage.  Unfortunately, the tournament started with a lot of running around.  I started the morning by the ramp but didn’t get any bites and left for Bear Creek.  I almost had a 7lb on a swimbait but it jumped and threw the bait.  Right after that I put a 4lb in the livewell.  Shortly after that I had a rough ride with the wind kicking up some huge waves on the way back to the dam.  By 2:30 I had caught two or three fish at the dam and then I changed things up and started fishing for smallies.  I ended up losing a 5lb smallmouth but was able to salvage the day.

Day two I headed back to Bear Creek but had no bites this time and had an early check in time.  I came back and hit smallie stuff which got me four fish.  I lost a 4lb largie on a ned rig which would have helped my bag. 

Like I said, I had the bites to cash a good check but I just didn’t execute completely.  It’s hard to be mad, I was making the right decisions I just didn’t execute with putting the fish in the boat.   I lost a couple of key fish every day.  The weather changed but I just didn’t adjust like I could have.

Next up is Kentucky Lake, another Tennessee River Lake.  I am adding another Humminbird graph to my boat beforehand.  I’m looking forward to fishing Kentucky Lake it’s familiar down there and I get what’s going down.