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Seminole Recap and Emceeing

Posted by blake on November 2, 2015


Just as advertised, the final Bassmaster Southern Open at Seminole was tough.  The good thing was, I knew what to expect and wasn’t tripped out by it.  With a couple good finishes at Toho and the Alabama River, there was a lot riding on this event and I put in some extra practice for this one.

In the final practice time, I found a couple areas that I felt held some of the right fish.  I knew it was all going to be about getting a couple quality bites a day and that the best way to get those bites was to put a flipping stick in my hand and punch mats.  On day one, I started in my best area.  My first bite was about four pounds and the second bite was in the five to six pound class (the biggest I hooked the whole time I was there).  I put the first fish in the boat, but the bigger fish got stuck at the top of the mat and came off.  It was crazy; it was stuck on top of the mat just sitting there for awhile before it even realized it wasn’t hooked anymore.  That would have been a game changer.

I ended up putting together a decent bag despite losing my biggest fish and started off the event in 32nd place which kept me right in the mix.  After seeing some of the bags I was pretty surprised by how well a lot of people caught them, but knew it was going to change a lot for day two.  A cold front came through and anytime you get a cold front in Florida it makes the fishing extremely tough.

On the second day, I made an adjustment and downsized my baits and put my head down and fished.  I didn’t get any bites until after noon.  It was a much tougher day for nearly everyone and I never got the right bites to do what I needed to make the Elites.  It’s a tough way to end the season, but sometimes even if you do everything you feel you can, it just doesn’t come together.

On a positive note, this past weekend I had to privilege of being the emcee for the Grammer Marine Open on Lay Lake.  It’s really a great event that’s for charity that I always like to be involved with.  Last year I won it with my nephew and got to enjoy it from a different angle this time.  When I accepted the emcee role I wasn’t nervous at all, but to be honest right before it started I was.  It really wasn’t about speaking in front of everyone, but it was the fact that I didn’t think most of the guys would do much talking.  After I got into the groove it went very well and I got nearly everyone talking and laughing on stage.  It really was fun and we raised enough money to feed about one hundred families for Thanksgiving.

Now that the tournament season is over I’ve got to start getting ready for next year.  I just sold my Phoenix and I’m in the process of selling my Ranger so I can get a new one.  I’ll be fishing the FLW Tour again and possibly the Southern Opens if they don’t conflict with anything.  I’ve also got a couple trips to plan to go back to Mexico and I drew some tags to go hunt in Montana, so I’m going to try and knock those both out at the same time.  Even though it’s the offseason, it’s still busy for the life of a fisherman.