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Sick as a Dog at Eufaula

Posted by blake on May 30, 2015

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(Photo: FLW LLC)

The FLW Tour event on Lake Eufaula is officially a wrap.  Like most of the season has gone to this point, this event was another rough one for me.  Up until this point, it had just been a mental thing, but at Eufaula it was a two headed monster of mental and physical adversity.  During practice for the event I felt awful.  The first day I had to leave the water and really didn’t think I would make it back to the house.  By the time I got there I passed out with my clothes on exhausted and sick.  Although I was battling through some kind of illness I can’t really blame my mediocre event on that solely.  I’m sure it played a part, but overall I just never felt like I got on anything and it showed by the end of day two.

The illness slowed me down quite a bit during practice.  The only full day I made it through was the second day after cutting day one short and only being able to fish a few hours day three.  It was brutally hot at the Eufaula event which didn’t help me either.  It was definitely one of the hottest practice periods I can ever remember having on Tour.

With the limited practice time the only thing I found that I felt gave me a chance to catch some bigger fish was a shad spawn deal around the Chattahoochee bridge.  I didn’t get a lot of bites there, but the ones I did get were the right ones.  The only thing about the shad spawn deal was it was only a morning and low light kind of deal though.

The first morning of the event I went right to the bridge and caught a nice fish in the five to six pound class and lost two fish that were four and seven pounds.  My Co-Angler easily lost a twenty pound bag behind the boat throwing a Biffle Head.  He would hook up with a good fish and they would come straight up and throw his bait nearly every time.  I felt bad for the guy honestly, because he had the potential to be leading the whole event on the Co-Angler side.  Eventually, he did connect and get a nice fish to the boat, but much like myself, his opportunities weren’t capitalized on.  I only managed a couple keepers over the whole course of the day and never got enough bites after the shad spawn deal tapered off.

Day two of the tournament the skies opened up and a huge storm rolled through Eufaula.  I was a late draw so I got to experience it full force.  It was easily the worst weather I’ve fished in the last ten years.  It was raining with thunder and lightning.  It was tornado type weather.  I managed to catch a few small ones after struggling through the day and ended my tournament with 129th place finish.

To sum up my event, I just never got onto a reliable pattern.  My roommate “Gussy” (Jeff Gustafson) had a great event finishing in the top ten throwing a Pop R down the lake in clearer water.  I knew what he was doing and where he was doing it, but didn’t want to crowd him as there probably wouldn’t have been enough fish to go around for both of us.  I know what most of the field was doing with their running brush piles and hitting as many high percentage spots as they could.  With my shortened practice time, that was just something I just didn’t have time to develop.

On a positive note, I did win a big local tournament on the Warrior River right before the event so I was riding high.  My brother and I fished it together and put together a twenty three plus pound bag of largemouth’s and won by nearly ten pounds.  At least with some of the confidence from that event, I can carry some over to the next event at Chickamauga Lake.  It’s a Tennessee River lake and I feel comfortable in those offshore ledge fishing events.  It’s a great place to get my Tour season back on track.