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Small Lake Smackdown

Posted by blake on September 3, 2015

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My family and I are moved into our new place in Birmingham after living on the Warrior River for the past year.  Although that’s my favorite place to fish in the world, I’m glad to be back around the action.  Plus, I found a lake that is now my new favorite.  It’s called Highland Lake and it’s only about thirty minutes from the house.  After talking to the plumber and everyone else at the house, that’s the place they said to go to catch big ones.  That’s all it took and I was there.

It’s a private lake owned by the town.  So, if you are from out of town you have to pay a yearly due; best money I’ve ever spent.  The lake is covered with docks, grass, and pads.  It’s a bass fisherman’s dream lake.  The size was incredible.  They were eating my Boxer Custom Baits Jig like they'd never seen a lure before.  I caught a lot of fish over five pounds, but I’ve heard of people pulling twelve and thirteen pounders out of there.  The best part was there was nobody out there.

IMG950083 (1).jpgSmall lake’s can be some of the best fishing around.  My Aunt lives on a private lake that I used to fish a lot.  It was also an awesome place to catch five plus pound largemouth until someone started stocking spotted bass in it.  For some reason spotted bass dominate in any small lake and push the largemouth out.  It’s never been the same.

I just had a surgery last week on my jaw.  I had to get my molars taken out and didn’t want implants about three to four years ago and my jaw started deteriorating.  It definitely sucked.  This past weekend I was real sick.  My body wasn’t accepting it very well, but now I’m back to normal and thinking about the Open at Lake Seminole.  Fishing always makes things better.

I’ve got an Aunt that lives near there so I’m going to go and try to figure out that place for October.  I don’t know what it’s going to fish like, but I like the fall.  For some reason I’ve done real well in the fall and especially when the fishing is tough which it should be there.  I’ve just got to have a strong finish there and I could be looking at getting an Elite Series invite.