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Sweet Home Alabama

Posted by blake on December 27, 2014


The fishing around home has been nothing short of phenomenal lately.  I’ve been fishing some tournaments in the last month and of the last three, I’ve won two and finished second in the other.  After having a couple tough seasons on Tour, I feel the best I have about fishing in as long as I can remember.

Not only the tournament fishing has been great, but the fishing in general has been crazy.  In the past week, I had one of the best days of fishing in my life with my buddy, Kyle Mabrey (Owner of Yellow Hammer Lures).  In three hours, we caught well over twenty spots over four pounds, including a 6.8 lb monster.  I know they’ve got those massive spots out in California, but the lake I fish on the Warrior River is the best spotted bass lake in the county in my opinion.


Like I mentioned before last month, I’m working with a new bait company, Boxer Custom Baits from right in here in Alabama.  They let me have free rein in designing my own signature series of football jigs and it was a fun process.  I have never had as much input and freedom in designing a bait before.  The colors in my signature line are ones I’ve been using for years that I’ve been able to keep under wraps for this long.  One of the key features on them is that each one is hand tied and made with a sturdy hook and brush guard.  They’ve already been catching monster spots here in Alabama this Fall and Winter.  We’re also introducing another line of swim jigs that I’m currently working on that will be another great addition to product line. . 

In other big news, I made it back into the FLW Tour for 2015.  With the field being cut to 150, it wasn’t looking good because I didn’t have priority after one of my worst seasons.  I feel blessed to have another opportunity to fish for a living.  I really feel different about this season than the last couple.  My attitude is different and I’m going back to what got me there in the first place.  I feel like I got comfortable and that’s the worst thing you can do in this sport.  I can guarantee that I’m not thinking like that anymore.  I hope you all got to enjoy the Christmas season with your families.