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Tennessee River Blues

Posted by blake on June 10, 2014


I wish I had some better news to give ya’ll, but unfortunately Pickwick didn’t go exactly as planned.  I love the Tennessee River and usually do well fishing it, but Pickwick has been the one lake from the Tennessee River that I don’t think I’ve made a cut at.  Going into it, I didn’t feel like I was on the fish that I could catch 25 lbs a day like it took to win, but I did feel like I was around the kind of fish that I could catch 18-20 lbs.  There seemed to be a lot of fish in that 3-4 lb range in the area I was fishing with a few 5+ lbers mixed in.

The first day of the tournament that wind blew hard and it was tough to keep the right boat position.  This didn’t seem to stop the fish from feeding though as I was able to get bites on a swimbait and crankbait, but failed to put most of them in the boat.  It was about the lowest I’ve felt in a long while.  I ended up coming in with only 2 that went 5-02 lbs.

Day two was not nearly as windy, which was nice.  However, it seemed to have a lot similar results.  I had trouble losing fish again on topwaters and cranks.  My two biggest fish of the day never saw the weigh in bag.  Fortunately, I was able to put together a limit though for 17-03 with a dead fish.  This was more like the weight I felt I could catch at least.  I just wish I could have done it on the first day too.

Well, we’ve got Kentucky Lake up next and as I said I really like the Tennessee River.  It should be another ledge fishing deal, but should fish a lot bigger than Pickwick.  I’m not one for fishing in a crowd and hopefully I can get on some good fish that will give me a chance to win.  The points are kind of out this late in the season with so much ground to make up, but a great finish at Kentucky Lake would help get my mind where it needs to be.